Vega: Find your purpose

2016 saw the climax of student protests and uproar around the plight of education in South Africa. The Fees Must Fall movement had a nation divided between supporting the cause, opposing it, or standing back as a spectator amongst the unrest.

Vega School is a tertiary institution offering courses in brand, design and business. Our challenge was twofold. To create a third-quarter communication that would boost brand awareness ahead of the student enrolment period, while also promoting Vega’s philosophy. The school believes that brands have the ability to bring social and economic change and has highlighted the importance of social responsibility throughout its course offering.

We believed that Vega needed to take a stand and address the very large elephant overcrowding the room. Instead of playing on the fear and doubt that many were facing, we wanted to send out a positive message.

We decided a sharable online video would be the best way to reach our audience. The video needed to appeal to high school graduates who are part of a new generation of millennials, who are no longer content with just a job, but are looking for a meaningful, purpose-led career. The video also needed to speak to our secondary target audience: their parents.

The Find Your Purpose video was created off the idea of an earnest message: To speak to the younger generation about the unrest around education and the shift away from old-school, traditional business practices. In short, in order to create change, they needed to be the change from their future boardroom tables. To empathise with their feelings of doubt and reassure them, and their parents, the message focused on the value that Vega has to offer.

The video featured Vega’s best brand ambassadors: its students. This furthered our audience to current Vega students and boosted the morale of the school. The pride that Generation Vega (Vega’s students) took in their school was evident in the thousands of views the video received on social media. (135,254 views in total; with 22,064 on Facebook and 89,070 on Instagram.)