Multi Spectrum Properties

Our team was tasked with rebranding property specialists Multi Spectrum Properties, aka MSP. The brief entailed a new logo that not only refreshed the MSP brand image, but also distinguished it from competitors.

MSP, as the name suggests, offers a spectrum of solutions that range from property development to finance and advice. Above its actual offering, the brand is underpinned by a desire to provide people with the safety and security of a home through world-class property developments. It’s these values that the MSP logo encapsulates.

The logo, at a glance, appears like the floor plan of a home. This design reflects the security and structure of a home – the same security that MSP provides its clients with. The way in which the logo encases the MSP name further adds to this concept by demonstrating that all a client’s property needs can be met under one roof. This references the way in which MSP provides a wide variety of services to meet a range of needs.

The multi-spectrum reference is strengthened by the colour scheme of the logo. The colour palette uses a gradient, or spectrum, of orange, reinforcing the idea of MSP’s multi-spectrum approach to property.

The result: a modern, clean and striking logo that encapsulates the brand and its values.