MTN Solution Space

Solution Space is the business school of the future that aims to equip socially-minded entrepreneurs to take on Africa’s challenges. They stand against the ‘business as usual’ approach and believe that problems should be turned into opportunities in order for real solutions to manifest.

Solution Space is the place for start-ups and out-the-box thinkers to nurture and grow their ideas and plans. They guide entrepreneurs to becoming African leaders while always pushing the boundaries of traditional business models and practices.

We were briefed to create a corporate identity that reflects this ethos while emphasising Solution Space’s core standpoint: Using problems as opportunities to create the best possible solution.

The Solution Space logo is made up of geometric shapes, using the ‘opportunity space’ within each letter of “Solution Space”, as well as connecting lines to show the connection between problems and solutions. The logo has four vibrant colour iterations that encompass the colourful DNA of Solution Space as the brand works throughout the African continent. These colour variations reflect the diverse locations and people that Solution Space works with. The chosen font, Gotham, brings a clean and minimal aesthetic to the design and showcases the brand’s youthful and future-facing personality.

As the logo colours, line work, shape design and font embodies the Solution Space service and spirit, these design elements have been used as the core of their visual identity. Solution Space is the disruptor that challenges and strives for effective problem-solving, which is embodied by the vibrant, fluid and interconnected corporate identity that we have created.