Eat Naked

We were approached by a newly-founded health food company to develop its identity, from name generation to packaging design and everything in between.

The brand specialises in raw, unadulterated foods free from sugar and unnecessary additives, and was to launch a superior-in-quality raw honey and honey-infused peanut and macadamia nut butters.

A quick stroll down the health-food aisle revealed that the majority of products have a wholesome, generic “farmstall” look and feel, which tends to be bland and overused. We wanted to show that wholesome doesn’t equal boring and create a brand that looks as good as its products taste.

Steering clear from overtraded terms such as ‘pure’ and ‘homemade’, we conceived the name Eat Naked to express the brand’s focus on raw, superior-quality, unadulterated foods that are free from sugar, preservatives and – nonsense. With this in mind, the identity was inspired by our club-swinging ancestors, prehistoric man, who thrived on a diet of clean, raw foods (while wearing very little clothes).

The identity features an illustrated caveman, with a discreetly-placed bam bam club, single-mindedly communicating the concept ‘naked’. The notion of ‘eating like a caveman’ appeals to the brand’s back-to-basics philosophy. The design in rendered in a flat, vector-illustration style, unique to this category, and uses a natural yet vibrant colour palette derived from the ingredients themselves.

The concept has been translated into the logo type, aka ‘Naked Neanderthal’, which has a subtle stone-chiseled appearance. The velvety-matte finish of the packaging has been extended to the brand bible cover, reflecting the superior quality of the products.

Eat Naked honey has already been selected as a Women’s Health Supermarket Star. Get your hands on Eat Naked at Dis-Chem stores nation wide.