Business Partners Campaign 2016

Business Partners Limited, BPL, is a specialist risk finance company for SME entrepreneurs and goes beyond financial support. It offers personal mentorship, tailor-made finance and property solutions.

Our challenge was to create a campaign for BPL that communicates BPL’s unique benefits earnestly and speaks to the mentality of entrepreneurs.

Based off the insight that many entrepreneurs feel financial institutions treat them as if they are only worth the value of the money they bring in, and that they often feel alone in their journey, we created the ‘You are not a loan’ campaign.

The campaign messaging platform, “You are not a loan, and with Business Partners, you’re not alone either”, not only addresses the negative stereotypes of the financial sector but the fears and doubts of entrepreneurs. Our goal was to communicate to entrepreneurs that Business Partners handles its cliental with respect and a rich understanding from decades of industry experience.

The campaign comprised print, radio, street poles and digital banners to drive home its message. BPL truly is passionate about entrepreneurs and the positive economic effect they have on South Africa and its communities.

You are not a loan, and with Business Partners, you are not alone either.