Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation exists to cultivate a community of high impact entrepreneurs as a lever to positive economic, social and political change. The Foundation identifies, selects and invests in those who show entrepreneurial potential early on, offering successful candidates comprehensive scholarships and life-long support.

The Foundation required a refreshed visual identity based off of its existing logo. Simple in its approach, the idea was to use the identity as a canvas to showcase and cement the new, redefined positioning of the Foundation: Cultivating Entrepreneurship.

The design features a set of icons that represents the five pillars that are core to the Foundation. A mantra expresses the brand purpose, proudly declaring why the Foundation exists for all to see. With the various tiers of the Foundation, the identity seeks to distil the brand offering to its essence. The identity is a natural progression of the logo, utilising its simplicity, colour and bold design.